When selling something, it helps to respond!

I do enjoy horse shopping, but I haven’t done it in so long, I almost forgot how hard it actually is to get a response out of people!!  I mean COME ON, if you are listing something to sell, then you need to respond!!  If the thing you are selling is sold, it’s always polite to respond and say “Sorry, sold!”.  That would be good enough.

I’ve made phone calls, sent emails, and out of inquiries to the black horse’s owners, the brown and white paint’s owner, the chestnut and white paint with the bald face, a couple others, and the horse dealer, I’ve only gotten two returns.

One didn’t answer the only question I actually asked, which was how tall this horse is:

The ad says he’s 5, and he’s priced at $1,500 – about double the auction block.  This horse is very young and other than a little trail riding has had no training.  So I already knew he was priced wayy too high just because of nice coloring.  I only wanted to know how tall he was and instead, I got something about him doing trails and information on 2 other horses he had for sale that I didn’t ask about.

This horse looks like he’s walking over his owner a little in the picture, it really looks like the guy is pulling back trying to get the horse to slow down, and the horse is obviously looking at something ahead of him (probably the barn). So from one picture, I can assume this horse is barn sour and lacks basic handling skills.  From the ad, I already know he lacks basic training skills and is far too expensive for his age and skill.   I will guess he’s about 15.3, assuming the guy in the picture is an average sized man, but I don’t know, and I’ve lost interest.

The other at least held out a full conversation with me.  The dealer for some reason hasn’t gotten back to me about seeing that 10year old 16hand thoroughbred gelding, which I wouldn’t mind hopping over a few towns to see this weekend, as well as check out his whole sale barn and see if something else catches my eye.  A dealer not calling back to make a sale? What is with people??

Well, one thing this horse shopping experience that I am NOT doing that I have done in years gone by, is hunt people down to get a return call/email.  In the past, I’ve sent many emails requesting an answer and made many phone calls to the same people requesting a response.  Whether I ended up purchasing the horse or not, I didn’t give up until I heard back and got my questions answered.  This time around, I am not doing that.  I am sending one email or making one phone call.  If they’re serious about selling or the horse is still available, they should call back and if they don’t, then forget it.  I’m not worrying.  As much as I’d like to go see that chst/wht paint at the farm just down the street from me, I’m not going to think twice on it if they can’t find a minute’s worth of time to respond to my email or pick up their phone and call me.  I could stop by the farm unannounced, but honestly, I don’t want to put forth the effort as a buyer to do that if the seller can’t put forth their fair share of the effort.

I was hoping to go look at least one horse or sale barn this weekend.  Ideally, I’d like to line up a horse every weekend for the next few weeks or months, however long it takes.  I do not think I want my trainer to find me a horse.  A) I know they don’t deal in low cost horses B) I’d had to wait an extra 2-3 months just to pay the commision on a cheap horse.  I love my trainer, and I love the barn, but I don’t show with the them for the same reason I can’t board with them and I can’t have them find me a horse – the fees are too much for someone with my little paychecks.  However, I will set out to take whatever horse I find that I like on trial for a week (or more if the owners are willing) and bring it to my trainer’s barn for that trial period so I can take lessons and have my trainers look the horse over and see what they think.  Also get it vetted while it’s at my barn.

So we’ll see.  While I am ready to start looking right now, I’m not expecting to buy until August or September at the very earliest.  But it doesn’t hurt to look.

So I responded to an ad I saw on Craigslist, which I swear, other than Equine.com and Dreamhorse.com, Craigslist is like a horse selling mecca.. There are SOOOOO many ads for horses on there, and most of them are quiet inexpensive.  The ad stated the people are moving and cannot take their 4 horses with them. 2 ponies and 2 geldings over 16hands.  So I requested pictures and more information about breed, age, training, etc..  I got an email back with pictures and then a phone call from the wife selling the horses.

What an interesting conversation that was too.  She has owned the horses for about a year and basically never done anything with them at all.  One is 9 I think she said the other is 11.  They’re both Quarter Horses, she’s not sure if one is an Arabian cross.  One has supposedly some cutting training, the other she’s not sure about.  One rears when you put a saddle on it, they both get trail ridden bareback.  The woman who owns them is afraid of them, afraid of horses in general, and the horses don’t respect her, so she doesn’t handle them.  She said her teenage son rides them and they respect him, but one has very high withers and when they used a western saddle (probably full QH bars) on their high withered lanky Thoroughbred-type Quarter Horse, it would rear.  She admitted to the horses getting loose several times, and she said they haven’t been ridden in months.  Their only redeeming quality she could come up with?  They stand for the farrier and her son can stand up on the back of one of them.

The horses were practically free.  She was asking $1000 for all 4, so what’s that, $250 a horse?  Kill money, that’s all.  The ponies are sold, I think she said,wonder where they ended up.  So the person selling the horse has never really ridden them and they really have no good qualities at all.  All in all, despite the kill auction pricing, it is not worth the 3 hour drive and risk of life and limb to try to meet and ride these creatures.  I’m not up for the “I can handle that” challenge in life anymore.  I want something that actually broke and been ridden in the last week or so.

Anyone living around central Illinois want a cheap, challenging project horse or two? $250 can get you one of these :

Gotta love the halter that doesn’t fit on this one.  I’m not sure if his legs are really that turned out and his feet are that long or if it’s just an effect of the image and how he’s standing.  The other one on the right looks sway backed to me, so I’m assuming that’s the “high withered” horse she was talking about.  Judging by that picture alone, the horse’s withers aren’t high, his back is low!  LOL!  🙂  She sent a lot of pictures, but most were blurry or too close up or too far off to really show anything.    So they’re not really broke or trained we think, they’re disrepectful, have a tendancy to get loose and be uncatchable, questionable conformation on both of them and they’re about as plain boring chestnut as you could ever want.  They might blend well with the bazillions of other chestnut horses out there, but I want somthing that stands out a little from your traditional hunter.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring 😉

I wish the black QH’s owner would call me back, and that chestnut and white paint.  Did I mention that the chest & white paint knows tricks – he can bow on the ground and under saddle.  He would probably learn all my trick training routines very well, and maybe even break into a nice driving horse too and be truly all around.


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