To find a horse

It’s a really dreary day out today.  Rainy, dark, overcast. But WARM! WARM! WARM!   I’m thinking spring, the ponies are shedding, they’re thinking spring too. 

Typically, this is actually not the time of year I prefer to buy horses.  Coming into the warm season and good riding weather most people either hold on to their horses or sell them at higher prices because it’s the demanding season.  Every one wants to buy up their summer trail horse for the weekend warrior rider, and then offload them in the winter when keeping and feeding them becomes a hassel and no fun, not to mention costly. 

Coming out of summer and autumn, in to winter, as most horse people know, is definitely the time to buy a horse, and most of my purchases have been made in Sept/Oct/ Nov/ Dec  and January.  I have bought a few in April, bought one in August. 

Here it is March 10, with an expected temperatures today to hit 66 degrees, this totally unseasonal weather can make everyone happy despite the rain and gloom, and makes me really excited to get the driving ponies back to work and get Luke and my husband in to a show ring. 

While I prefer to buy a horse in the winter, to work in an indoor for 6- 8 months before show season starts up, this might be a year to buy in April or May again. 

I would really love to join my husband in the showring.  Many of the open shows around here that offer driving classes are also English and/or Western performance shows, with hunter under saddle classes and sometimes hunter hack classes too.  I would love to pick up a decently broke horse and throw it into a walk/trot under saddle class the first week I own it just to see how it does. Preferably while it’s still on trial with me.

I have some money right now. I do have enough to run out literally today and buy a horse. As I said yesterday, I don’t have enough to vet it out or board it, but at least it’s a start.  And while I don’t expect to buy a horse this week or even this month, and really do have my eyes set more on buying around the end of the summer, it still hasn’t stopped me from looking.  I don’t want to pass up the perfect horse for me just because he showed up on my radar a few months too early.  Then again, I also know that the perfect horse for me may show up now and another perfect horse for me may show up in Sept/Oct.  Plus, there’s still horse shows all winter in indoors that I could get out to.

But still like I said before, I am looking.  I haven’t actually gone to see any of these horses yet, but I plan on starting to go out and try some here and there.  I haven’t heard back from a few people though I’ve sent emails and made phone calls.    I actually enjoy horse shopping.  It’s a lot of fun.   You go out and meet all kinds of horses that are either completely wrong or partially right, but either way, it’s always an interesting experience.  You see all types of barns and can get inspired for the blue prints in your head of your dream farm, or you can just blog about what  a crap hole you’ve just been to! LOL !!  In the end, you end up (hopefully) with a new horse that you will love and enjoy for years to come.  It’s a fun and rewarding experience, but it is time consuming and challenging.

This morning, when I woke up to the sound of rain at 6 in the morning, I hopped on the computer to check emails to see if I got any responses to my queries, which I didn’t.  I did get some emails back, but the questions I actually asked were not answered.  Come on horse sellers – if you’re asked how tall your horse is and that’s the only question on the email, don’t write a paragraph about his recent trail experiences and price and not answer the only question you were actually asked!!!

So, since I had very little emailage to go through, I ventured out virtually into a horse forum that I haven’t been to in a very very long time and checked out their sale ads and found this horse:

 There are a quite a few things I really like about this horse.  The ad says he’s 6. So he’s about 4 years younger than I really want.  But he’s generally quiet and easy going, does a little of this and a little of that but not much of one thing in particular.  He has a lot of qualities I really ike, and a few I don’t.  Now, when I get a new horse, it’s not going to be a dainty little pansy thing, it’s going to actually be a HORSE. Not something so sleek and slender that when I sit on it my ankles touch underneath.  I want a horse that fills the saddle and takes up my leg and has some serious body to it.  That is one reason I really like draft crosses.  Now this 6 y ear old paint – they say he’s 15.2.  This horse is A TANK.  This is awesome!  If he’s 15.2, he’s got to be part draft.  There are several pictures of him, and they all show the same thing – a massively built horse that really overshadows the lady holding him.  For 15.2, this is the biggest 15.2 I think I’ve ever seen.  So in stature and body this horse wins me over more than any I’ve seen so far.  He is twice the size of the 15.2 black horse I posted yesterday, making that one look like a dainty flower compared to this sucker.    I like his over all build, too.  VERY long back, but I don’t see that as a negative like other people do.  This is just a big horse all around and even though his back is long enough to sit a family up there, I think it looks proportionate to the rest of him.  His legs look like they’re shaped right and so do his feet.

His price is a little more than I can afford right now, bummer. But still he’s something to look at.  Another big perk is that he is living at a barn smack in the middle of where I board my ponies and where I take my lessons, so he’s perfectly conveinent on a daily basis to go take a look at and ride.  He’s 10 minutes from my ponies and less than that to my hunter barn. If it wasn’t along a major busy roadway, I could trail ride him to the barn to take lessons.

Negatives, other than the price being a little higher than I can really afford right this second – I HATE his bald face and 2 blue eyes.  I don’t even like chestnut horses all that much, but I can get over that quickly. But I never liked watcheyes in a paint, ever.  All white faces are not something I find pretty at all, and double blue eyes just makes me want to throw him back. 

Yuck, yuck, and yuck. 

 But really, those things are very minor, and I’d hate to not look at what could be the right horse for me just because I don’t like the colors on his head. 

 I’m more concerned (as I should be) about how the horse rides and that he meets my criteria on other levels than how he looks.  It’s a face I could grow to love, I suppose, if I just ignore the creepy  and ugly white eyes.  🙂 

 Minus the head, I love everything about this horse’s body and size and the ad makes him sound like he’s a generally smart and laid back horse.  With not too much training in any one particular area, but a little experience in a few areas. 

He could be my next hunter/trick horse and maybe I’ll cough up money to buy a training cart some year down the road and teach him to drive. 

I really want to see this horse, and if I need to, I could come up with his asking price in a week or two – it would take a lot of string pulling, but I could do it.

What do you think?


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